Here you can read updates on my doctoral project ‘Variations on a Theme by Benjamin Britten’. I’m collaborating with composers to produce works based on the short piece ‘Tema’, written in 1976. Check here for concert dates, collaboration updates and recordings.

19th October 2018: Presenting at the RAM/SibAc exchange day:

12th June 2018: Highlights from Borough New Music:

15th May 2018: Premiere of Hollie Harding’s variations Extension and Motion at the House of St Barnabas in Soho:

19th March: Presentation of variations ‘Motion’ and ‘Extension’ at the research seminar of Hollie Harding at Trinity Laban:









5th-10th March 2018: Mentoring and recording sessions with composition and string students from Vanderbilt University:







19th February 2018: Hear about my new collaboration with Caitlin Rowley at around 7’50”:

4th February 2018: A lonely weekend recording Britten in Stavanger:








29th January 2018: Collaborations are underway with Caitlin Rowley. Very excited about this one!

18th January 2018: At-home residency with composer Hollie Harding. Full steam ahead with the 3rd variation. Coordinating speed of movement for left and right arms – harder than you’d think…










12th January 2018: Meeting composer James Williamson for the first time in York. All set for collaborations throughout Spring 2018!

17th December 2017: Final presentation for my masters at Stavanger University: performance of Britten’s 3rd Cello Suite and a first outing for 2 variations by Hollie Harding.

15th October 2017: Working hard in collaborations with Hollie Harding. All over it with the glissandi.